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Our Story

Family First

Here's a bit of our story...

My dad retired from the military and my family had always dreamed of someday running a family business. Our goal was to run short term rentals while also serving as a haven for those seeking rest and retreat. From a veteran's transition out of the military to my personal ministry burn out, we finally found and fell in love with our forever roots.

In the Spring of 2021 we purchased 2.5 acres in The Hill Country in North San Antonio, tucked away like a hidden woodsy wonder.

Through endless nights of hard work and what could have been a hit reality DIY show full of desperation, seasons of unemployment and a zeal for entrepreneurship, we built The Hidden Hill where so many have now come to rest and heal and celebrate.

Through every grouted hexagon tile and stud in the wall, we grew into this Hill as it grew into our business and we love every single lil weed that pops up. Through our cleanup processes we also found some magnificently old parts and pieces- some even dating back to Old Pluhwe timeframe of the 1800's. (Don't forget to selfie in the original outhouse! ;))

What started out as 2 rooms to rent turned into 3 Cabins and 1 Suite within 7 months of opening with shared gathering spaces for all, and we are so grateful. 

Our pledge as hosts to every overnight visitor, event guest or nomad is to live well on this Hill by showing peaceful hospitality to everyone who comes to stay.

Come hideaway with us!

- The Bakers...and The Wardens of the Hill

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